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Friday, November 18, 2005

AMAZING Trane ...

Like many jazz geeks, John Coltrane is one of my favorite artists. I enjoy all of his material but my favorite music comes during the period Trane recorded with his classic quartet featuring McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones. All of those albums are simply magic! The music they created is profoundly deep and paramount to the forward direction of music as a whole. Like Louis, Duke and Miles, Coltrane’s music is equally valid today and is still as fresh as ever and influencing souls all around the globe.

I just received a newly transferred live recording from Impulse! Records, taken from Coltrane’s personal master tapes, that was captured at the New York City jazz spot the Half Note in 1965. This material was originally available in small circles as a low fidelity bootleg but has now been fully remastered and put into a very nice collectors package complete with liner notes, photos and quality sound. The package is titled John Coltrane "One Down, One Up - Live at the Half Note" and I highly recommend it. It is amazing music featuring amazing musicians caught at an amazing time in their tenure. Hey, what can I say other than it’s AMAZING! It is in Coltrane’s extended improvisations that you experience pure creative genius – this is deeper than jazz! His playing will leave you speechless and inspired and once you digest this material you will also say it’s AMAZING!

Below is an excerpt from the 26-minute live version of the classic “My Favorite Things” – hear Trane’s flowing saxophone blowing in ways you never heard - AMAZING!

- Joe Vella, Jazz Online

Coltrane Half Note

“I was more listening to him than trying to accompany as a drummer…it seemed like he was sitting on a mountain of ideas.” – Elvin Jones

One Down, One Up - Live at the Half Note

Disc 1 - Intro / One Down One Up / Announcement / Afro Blue
Disc 2 -Intro / Song of Praise / Announcement / My Favorite Things

The streamed audio clip is courtesy of Impulse! Records.